Compose, craft, write ... three words, one feeling

To me, a blog is such an exquisite thing. One of the best in the world !

It's your small personal space that you can transform into a big thing.

The next best thing for your life and for yourself.

Whether it is gathering customers, deepening your knowledge, or writing for the sake of it, it is everything you want it to be!

My recent articles

My Favorite Open-Source Projects

There are so many useful projects in the OSS, so a post for them is not that much

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Use Bugfender with Gridsome

Installing an npm Bugfender into Gridsome

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My current gear/life setup - End of 2020 Edition

Stuff I bring with me and that I find to be fundamental/key

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Commonplacing : A Practice I Value A Lot

To commonplace. No such a common wording encounter right?!

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The Definitive Guide To Accents On Qwerty Keyboards

Ça n'aura jamais été aussi facile. (This has never been that easy)

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Crocodiles: Why they are my favorite animals

From cheetahs to crocodiles

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"Open-mindedness creates closeness. How funny is that?”
— Grégory Poircuitte

"The only certainty to have is to have none.”
— Also from me