Compose, craft, write ... Three words, one feeling

To me, a blog is such an exquisite thing, one of the best in the world if I was to be fully honest !

It's your small personal space that you can transform into a big thing.

The next best thing for your life and for yourself.

Whether it is gathering customers, deepening your knowledge, or writing for the sake of it, it is everything you want it to be!

On this blog, you'll find writing about what I like in tech, some updates on my life, you'll discover my cultural likings as well as some thoughts I had with myself that I considered worth sharing.

My recent articles

Why I Don’t Say “Ex” nor “Exes”

These people deserve an extra mile, I believe.

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My Favorite Open Source Projects

There are so many projects I find useful the OS world, so here's a post to thank them!

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Essential Life Gear - Late 2020 Update

Stuff I bring with me and that I find to be key.

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The Definitive Guide To Accents On Qwerty Keyboards

An in-depth explanation of differences between QWERTY and AZERTY layouts on Windows and macOS.

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Why I Use No Agenda

Keeping my time at hands is having my life in hands.

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How I Kicked Out Stress From My Life

It's thanks to a certain trait of mine.

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Shameless self-flexing

"Open-mindedness creates closeness. How funny?”
— Grégory Poircuitte