My Favorite Open-Source Projects

1/28/2021, 12:00:00 AM
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Remember that I'm a tightwad?

This is one thing. And I value people or organizations that allow me to live how I like.

Okay I'm a skinflint but one that knows (I guess?) how to express gratitude.

Open-source people deserve a post ... and you guys, my lovely readers, may benefit from discovering some of the OSP that make my life easier.

Here are the X open-source projects I value the most.


I'm a font lover.

But also a speed guru. When I build websites, I love squeezing the tiniest bit out of my source code to be able to offer the smoothest experience to my users.

Loading fonts "locally" is one of those.

However, keeping up to date these font files is challenging and time-consuming.

Downloading files, staying up to date with font updates, making sure we are including only the necessary weight files. That's challenging. That's not fun and that's what we don't want to do.

With Fontsource, all of this misery ended!

This project is meant to replace Fontface that was doing the same thing.


I am hardcore Git fan.

The next level is logically bring Git to the masses with online repositories and all that.

I always found that Gitlab was "clearer" than Github when it comes to about everything.

Merge requests. Github pull requests are called merge request in the Gitlab world, which makes more sense to me.

Because basically, what you are trying to accomplish with such action is to ... merge ... a certain branch into another one. So you're asking someone or something the right to MERGE your branch into the other one you want it to be in.

It's clearly a merge requests that you want to do, why giving it another name?

Calling things by their name is XXX in life, and it's holds very true for software.

You know? Naming is one of the hardest thing to perform when making software.


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— Grégory Poircuitte

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