How I Kicked Out Stress From My Life

8/8/2020, 12:00:00 AM
3 min read

Eradicating stress.

It seems to be something that some can only aspire to and never actually succeed in doing so.

I did it. And you're about to learn exactly how.

It's quick, simple but not necessarily easy I would say.

The number one trait that served me well

I have a special power.
One that makes me able to thrive in many things.

I am selfish. Selfish of my energy.

For example, I don't complain.

How would using energy to refer or think about something or someone that bother me would serve me well?
It won't, so I simply keep my energy and don't complain.

Also, I don't think nor talk sh!t about people.

How spending time describing non examplary behaviours, or words, or deeds of someone would benefit me?
Once again, it won't! So I don't do that. This way: I save my energy.

Okay okay it's all well and such but how being selfish on your energy allows you to eradicate (bad) stress?
Yes, there are good types of stress, I think you know this.
And of course, it's bad stress that we want to eradicate.

So, what does bad stress brings to you?
What positive outcomes does it bring to you?

About none, hm? You're right.

Soooo, you may be identifying a pattern here.

Something eats your energy and does not serve you well, soooo?
You drop it, yes that's right!

And this ... is how I kicked ouf stress from my life.

I thought of it as an energy and time waster so I removed it.
Every time bad stress wants to show up, I think about it, I think about its root causes and I just get rid of it.

Especially if it's unworthy concerns that creates it.

I know.
I can already foresee your not so content face.
I can hear your:

"You just think it's a bad thing and stop feeling it? It's not that easy!".

Which I totally agree with!
But that's the whole truth: I simply refuse stress when I feel it's coming.
Of course it's not that straightforward to accomplish.
You have to start small.

The number one thing you have to do

Remember that I'm selfish about my energy?
I had to kick many minor things before being able to kick stress.

That's what you'll have to do too.

Do you complain about the daily traffic?
Even though you know it will be there every day and that you cannot help it, do you still complain about it?

Stop it.

Do you still complain about the door making noise without even thinking about fixing it so you can stop worrying about such a trivial thing and save yourself time and energy?

Are you still holding negative feelings for something someone said to you years ago even though this person is now no longer in your life?

Stop it.

Look at yourself, look at all those unworthy small bits you're paying attention to but should not and get them fixed.

Take any lower intensity feeling that plagues your life and work on ousting it.

This will be your first step on earning back your energy.
You'll have more over time until the day you'll have enough to tackle bigger threats such as ... stress, or grudge.

Good luck and work hard.

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