Life is full of projects! Isn't it?!

Here you'll find an overview of things I'm working on, or plan to.

Apps 📱


A Google Maps-like app that allows local shop owners from New Caledonia to list their shop and have it instantly available in 6 different languages.

The project is live and accessible here.


A food delivery project for New Caledonia.
It started with this website that I made around March 2020, during COVID times that would allow local restaurants to propose delivery options for their shop.

If you ever happen to come to New Caledonia, feel free to use FEEDME and treat yourself some food!


With this project, I wanted to help people becoming more responsible about their consumption. Whether it's water consumption, electricity consumption or even data consumption. I gave gold nugget tips to be able to save all of this in sometimes weird, or let's say creative ways.

For now, this project is cancelled.

Blogs 📃


A place where I write about love, relationships, self-awareness and plenty of other things.

You can discover my writings here.

Marvelous Matcha

Here, I teach people how to properly prepare, serve and drink matcha. I explain everything everyone needs to know to prepare their absolute best matcha.

This project is about to go live!

Izir blog

As mentionned in the "Apps part", Izir is a mobile application I made. For this same project, I created a blog where I gather local shop owners stories. This enables people that use their favorite shop to have a glimpse at the story of those that run these shops.

Getting to know the why behind the motivations of people that started a business is something that I think many would value, and this could also bring another customer perspective on the shop they are used to browse.

Books 📗

The **** **** Bible

A self-help book in which I emphasize on how to live a **** **** by applying a single trait of character on every aspect of it.

Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed about this book's progress.

A Long **** ** *** **** ***

A memoir in which I retrace my thoughts on romantic, friendly and unique types of love one could have or feel and how all of these makes for a confused mind, and heart.

I won't send any updates on this book but you can grab some information in my sporadically sent emails.

Le Bonheur est *** ******** ******

A (French) self-help book in which I depict what, to me, happiness is and how our personal definition of it changes depending on the number of person we are. This explains how and how much happiness evolves when components of it involes more than just ourselves.

************ is the new happiness

Yet another self-help book of mine in which I explain why I don't think that happiness is what people should seek, that there's another state that I think would better help people in their everyday life as well as in the long run, and that this very thing should be seek instead of happiness.