My student to professional journey

I always liked knowing "where a person came from", that's why I feel like putting my story here. If I find someone interesting I know I'll want to know his or her story.

So for the few people that will wander in here and that will feel this way towards me, I'm jotting my journey there so they won't have to simply wonder what it is, they'll have some actual meat to be quenched.

Events are ordered from oldest to "recentest". The most recent updates on my journey are thus at the very bottom of this page.

New Caledonia - 2010 ~

Duration: 7 years.

I won't cover middle school, XXX or YYY as this was quite sad periods and that this will better fit a book about my (personal) life rather than bring you value about how it helped me in my professional journey.

Let's start there: at the BTS level. (BTS is the equivalent .... blah blah blah)

In here, I had no friend for quite some time. Having moved from the main city to a smaller one where I knew no one, I XX.

Brest (France) - 2015 ~

Duration: 8 months.



M1 TIIL first internship

Bonus: The Corner (startup ecosystem)

Sherbrooke (Canada) - 2016 ~

Duration: 4 months.

The second and latest year of my master's degree starts on September 2016. I flew to Canada, heading to Sherbrooke, a small (but quite famous in the end) city in the northeast (to check) of Montreal.

Tokyo (Japan) - 2017 ~

Duration: 4 months.
From January 2017 to 31st of April.

LIFE-CHANGING TRA-VEL! I'll wrote a book on this one!!

End-of-studies internship

Back to New Caledonia part

Duration: 4 years.
From May 1st 2017 to 6 of June 2021.

Software engineer (first job!).

Duration: 1 year and a half.
From September 2017 to mid April 2019.

My very first job after graduation (ah! even now in 2020, I still never touch my diploma. It must be sleeping in a box in Brest or somewhere else in the world.

Izir CTO

At the same time I was starting my first job, I also wanted to

Freelance developer (now)

This phase is quite peaceful, in the sense that ...

The following is what I plan ...

Tokyo (3 ~ 5 years!)

Since I came back from my studies (and especially from Japan) on the 1st of May 2017, there is not a single day that passes by without me thinking about getting out of here (New Caledonia).