Notion: My Favorite Software

8/25/2020, 12:00:00 AM
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It does everything.

TODO lists, basic spreadsheets, kanban boards, minimalistic writing editor (with words count!!), simple way to import images, and much, much more.

All of this in one single piece of software application. All of this in Notion.


It's been about two years that I've been looking for a software application for journaling and commonplacing {link}.

After SimpleNote, BoostNote, X and Y, I finally stumbled on an app that entirely fulfill my needs and X.

What I use it for

Keep track of who owe me what/how much. Keep track of how much people owe me.

Organizing my daily rituals.

Self-reflect on myself.

Keep track on my projects.

Write draft blog posts.


Fixed expenses

To have an idea of how much I my lifestyle costs on a daily basis, I filled a XXX with all the fixed expense I have for a month. This allows me to be really clear with myself and ... XXX.

Writing books!

Yes, I write my books in Notion!


This is what my Notion is full of: my journal entries.

I've been journaling since more than a decade, and I know what I look for in the medium that I use to put my thoughts/life on paper/in ink.

I look for something that allows me to:

  • be free (no NEED to fill this in THIS way)
  • duplicate my last entry quickly

Love to Notion team part

Since XXX 2020, the "unlimited blocks" feature on Notion is completely free. Indeed, prior to this date, the free plan was allowing 1 000 blocks maximum to be used. (Where a block is a unit of knowledge you create on the app.)

As I needed more (waaay more) than 1 000 blocks, I thus subscribed to a Notion's plan/tier that brings me unlimited blocks. And. I. Never. Opted out.

I one day I received an email from Notion informing me that the free plan was now

And that was all I needed.

I didn't need the collaboration ratio/quota to be "biggerened", but they did this. I didn't need the XXX, and once again they did this.

They included of all of this into the free tier and this one was thus exceeding my needs.

So what about the plan I was paying for?

I also have been updated. With features I don't have the need for.

So what did I do?

I didn't opted out.

I find Notion to be of such a tremendous utility/usefulness in my daily life that I kept my subscription to the $4 plan.

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