My current gear/life setup - End of 2020 Edition

11/3/2020, 12:00:00 AM
1 min read

I like gears.

I much like when these are of a transcendant utility and that's why I spend tremendous XXX research for exact XXX that would perfectly fit my needs (or make me discover hidden / unobvious new ones.)


Every one needs a bag, right?

For now, yes I think that it's the case.

And this year, I finally switched back to a backpack from my beautiful messenger bag.

As a hard die Japanese fan, I happened to have taken a Japanese bag.

A Himawari one.



I'm still waiting for the 14 inch Macbook Pro that (will) include

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"Open-mindedness creates closeness. How funny is that?”
— Grégory Poircuitte

"The only certainty to have is to have none.”
— Also from me