Crocodiles: Why they are my favorite animals

8/26/2020, 12:00:00 AM
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Cheetas used to be my favorite animals.

When I was a kid, I couldn't help but been impressed by the fact that they are the fastest animal on land. Also, I found they rouned head to be somewhat cute.

And their color wh...

This is a thing of the past.

For more than a decade, I've been hard on crocodiles.

Today, I want to own one (and of course treat it with all the respect I owe it).

I planned to have the right environment for when it will grow old and such but first:

Why do I love them so much?

Here's the story

Their body amazes me

5 000 000 years and still on earth with the same physical enveloppe.

Why is that?

How come crocodiles made it to 2020? Is there any secret in their body that ....

There are! Oh boy there's a lot and here are some I am the most amazed with.

Have golf balls like skin

How come crocodiles can get so close to shorelines without being noticed by the soon-poor-as-you-ll-get-eaten-and-crushed cute creatures that peacefully drink water?

Their skin! The secret/trick is in the skin!

There is a secret to this and it lays

The strongest bite in the animal reign

Ok that's a great thing but there's a question though.

If there mouth can apply about XXX of XX by meter square, how come their own mouth does not explode under such a pressure?

There is another secret here

Can change the center of gravity

By moving their internal organs, they can ....

That's how they are able to make their head be the only visible part on the water and hide their 4 to 5 meter body underwater.

Memory and intelligence

On a certain side of the globe, once a year, crocodiles group (and don't fight each other) ....

All of this in order??

To get the carps! There is a carp season and with no to very minimal efforts, they

Eat rocks to crush their food

Jumps height

Did you know that you were not safe is you were one, two or even three meters on top of the water where a crocodile lays/lies?

Indeed, they are able to propel

Dance/roll of death

Can "turn off their body" (during winter in cold lakes)

Male or female, how do you decide this?

This is something common among reptiles (so yes, crocs are not the only one able to do that), but it still amazes me.

How do you get a female crocodile?

You need to XXXx between XX to XX degrees.

I identify a lot with them

Calm and inert 99 % of the time.

Extremely XXX and the remaining.

When a crocodile moves, the world around it hardly stays still.

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