Commonplacing : A Practice I Value A Lot

8/26/2020, 12:00:00 AM
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I commonplace a lot.

Everyday to be honest.

When I learn a new English verb, I commonplace. When I learn a new French adjective, I commonplace. When I learn a new Japanese idiom, I commonplace.

When I create a new quote that I think sounds cool, I put it into my commonplace book.

What is a commonplace book

Where did I learn this thing?

I remember that my first encounter with commonplacing was when I stumbled upon this website:

It was in 2016, I was still in my master's degree's first year when a late night, I started XXXX.

I arrived on a page that XXX a book called The Ultimate Commonplace System.

To me, this sounded absolutely far-fetched.

What was this thing that XXX

Making sense of commonplacing

Don't you ever feel frustrated not being able to remember what you just read?

Or frantically trying to remember a song/XXX's name?

Or even simply XXXX

Of course you did.

We (nearly) all have a XXX memory.

We need to write down things, rehearse these some more times before it actually sit still in our long-term memory.

And the first step to this is what?

Yes, writing things down!

How do you do this?

In a place that you commonly visit! Where/In what do you write things?

A book! Or something that can hold word.

A commonplace book then makes plenty of sense when imaged like this.

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— Grégory Poircuitte

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